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Christopher Lange 
Biophysical and biological research relating to human medical problems, particularly cancer and its treatment; Stem cells; Cancer stem cells; Aging; Embryology and regeneration; Molecular basis of cellular radio sensitivity; DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) and their repair in mammalian cells; Mammalian chromosome structure  
Joseph Lattouf 
Business development; Beauty; Hair; Franchising; Franchise consulting; Stakeholder management; Leadership, Business strategy; Business planning; Negotiation; Marketing; Sales; Brand management; Retail, design  
Terrie Lea 
Singing; Writing; Publishing; Song arrangement; Composing; Prophetic and healing ministry for the broken-hearted; Home decor; Sales; Buying; Product distribution  
John Lodge 
Negotiations and transactions  
Roberto Lopez 
Customer service; Distributor relations; Team leadership; People management  
Sam Lustig 
Systems and business analysis  

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